Switching Back and Forth Between Two Open Programs in Windows

In all forms on our website you must do your work in a word processor and then copy and paste the work you have done into the form.  This allows you to keep a copy of your work in case you need to resend it. You should also print a copy of the confirmation page that appears after you send any of our forms.

An important skill in online courses is having two programs open at once and switching back and forth between them.  It sounds hard doesn't it?  But it is really easy.  Let us do it now.

Hold down your CTRL key
Tap your N key one time
A new window has opened for your Internet program.

Now look on the bottom of the screen for the task bar, which looks like the graphic below.  The task bar contains your Start button and an icon showing each of your open programs.

graphic of task bar

The indented icon is the program you are currently on.  Take a moment and click on the button which is not indented and you will go to another copy of this page, which you opened when you clicked CTRL + N.

Because Windows is a multitasking operating system, you can open more than one program at the same time.  Remember to get back to this screen you will just click on a button on your task bar.

Now click this link. Choose "open this file from its current location" (Internet Explorer) or "open it" (Netscape) and you will have another program running on your computer.  To switch back and forth between programs just use your task bar, shown below one more time. Notice how you now have three windows and two programs open?   Cool huh? 

graphic of start bar with two Internet Explorer windows and paint open

A final tip:

These icons: grapic of icons specific to my computer' are specific to my computer so if you don't see them on your task bar don't worry about it!