Assessment Test Proctor Form for Remote Students

Below is the standard letter containing instructions and a form to be completed and submitted to request an academic placement test proctor. Please familiarize yourself with the standards regarding proctors, and complete ALL fields of the form. Applicants wanting to take only the English or only the Math test must include a statement detailing which test the applicant wants and why.

Requesting an Assessment Test Proctor for Barstow Community College

Students and applicants near the Barstow Community College main campus should take proctored tests at the testing center on main campus. Local students do not need to fill out this form. To take a test at locations distant from the campus, students and applicants must have an approved proctor.

The proctor must have a professional email address and phone. (hotmail, yahoo, excite, aol, netscape, earthlink, verizon, netzero and all other free/ISP email accounts are unacceptable). 

The email address must correspond to a school or business

General guidelines are listed above; however, for complete proctoring guidelines click this link. Remember the college reserves the right to refuse any proctor, so it is best to review all guidelines before selecting a potential proctor.

Proctors must be able to administer the test at their institution. Proctors for on-line tests must have access to administer tests on computers which have Internet access and can be configured to allow pop-ups, cookies, and JavaScript. Academic placement tests are on-line tests.

Requests for proctors for academic placement tests will be reviewed and approved or denied by Barstow Community College. To request a proctor for a remote academic placement test, provide the following information and submit the form below. Students requesting proctors for online course midterm and final tests will not use this form. Please use the form on the main page of your online class.

Please note, requests are usually filed by the student wishing to have an assessment test proctored remotely. The form should be submitted far enough in advance to allow for coordination with the appropriate personnel in time for the test. After the form is completed please wait one week to receive notification of your request. If notification is not received after the one week time frame, please contact the Computer Commons at (760) 252-2411 x 7288.

Please fill out this form:

Student Name: (Always use your real name in this box)
Student Email: (Enter your exact email address)
Student Postal Address: Number & Street Student Telephone Number:
  City, State, ZIP
Tests Requested: (Math and/or English assessment)  

Applicants wanting to take only the English or only the Math test must include a statement detailing which test the applicant wants and why.

Proctor Name: (Always use your  proctor's real name in this box)
(Enter your  proctor's exact email address)
Postal Address:
Number & Street Proctor's Telephone and FAX Number:
  City, State, ZIP
Proctor Title:  
Proctor Institution: Has this person agreed to
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