Frequently Asked Questions

A Note From the Instructors

You must complete at least one lesson a week to remain enrolled in a class unless the class web site indicates otherwise.

Teachers respond to questions and concerns via email within two business days, (excluding weekends and holidays) but successfully completed lessons may have up to a week turnaround time. This is normal for both in class and online courses.

You are not alone in a course, and it is not an independent study course. If you are having a problem or difficulty with the course material email your instructor, whose email address can be found at the bottom of every class page. If you are having a technical difficulty email the online staff at

If you call an instructor or the online staff, also send a follow-up email. This will help both the instructor/online staff and the student to keep track of what has already been done to resolve your problem.

Do not wait until it is too late to get help. Our instructors and our staff care! We know that it can be hard to do online classes, but if the student uses all of the available resources he/she will succeed in this course!

Finally, remember that online courses do require discipline on the student's part. You must set aside time each week to do your work, and then stick to it if you want to succeed. Procrastination is your enemy!

How Does An Online Course Work?

Online courses are an alternate way for students to attend college without being physically present in a classroom.

Do I have to have Internet access at home to take an online course?

No. You may use the campus computer labs which are connected to the Internet to do your course work. Check BCCOnline for Lab locations and times.

Do I have to attend classes at the college at regularly scheduled dates and times?

No. There are no traditional class attendance requirements, but see the information about proctored exams below.

Can I turn in my homework any time?

NO, online students have the same schedule of due dates for assignments as regular campus students. Late work is still penalized.

Are the courses going to be completely on the computer, or must I attend class also?

All students must fill out a separate syllabus for each of their online courses. They will also take an on campus midterm and/or final exam. However, students living outside of the immediate area or those unable to take the on-campus exams may do so at a suitable site with an instructor approved proctor, who meets our college proctoring guidelines.

Is an online class easier than a regular class?

A: NO, online classes have the same requirements as regular classes. Students must have the determination and self direction to set up and stick to a time schedule of their choice. It will take the same amount of time and effort as an on campus class.

What Do I Need to Complete this Course?

Basic Materials Needed:

bullet for emphasisA computer with Internet Access
bullet for emphasisAn Email Account -- You can get a free email account, (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail) from any computer lab technician. But if you already have an email account you may use it as well.
bullet for emphasisA word processor.
bullet for emphasisLab students -- A writable CD or USB drive
bullet for emphasisHome students -- a computer to save your work on.
bullet for emphasisBe aware that individual class requirements may also exist. Check your class home page for specific requirements.

Time Requirements:

Schedule at least six hours a week at first, until you know how long it takes you to complete a lesson.

Does my course need a textbook(s)?

Textbook requirements vary. Be sure to check your class syllabus on the Internet for book information. You may order your textbooks from the Viking Shop, Barstow Community College's bookstore, by clicking on this link.

How Do I Start My Online Class?

Obtain an email address, if you do not already have one.

Go to and click on the appropriate session. For instance, if you are in a nine week session you would click on the words "nine week sessions."  You can then click on the appropriate session number or just scroll down to find your class name.  Once you have found your class name, click on it and you will be on the home page of your course.  Now click on the word syllabus.

After filling out the syllabus, figure out your username and password by looking on the home page of your course. Remember, do not capitalize any part of your username or password, or you will not gain access to your course. You can always figure out your username and password again as the format for usernames and passwords are listed on the front page of each course.

You will not receive an email from the instructor until you have completed the first lesson of the course!

Students who do not fill out the syllabus and who do not complete the work due with the first lesson within the first week will not be considered actively enrolled students and may be dropped from the course. You may fill out the syllabus the weekend before the class starts if necessary.

After filling out the syllabus, begin the class by clicking on lesson one and completing it. Please note the interactive syllabus contains very important information about your course.

How Do I Get Help for My Online Class?

Use one of the following resources:

bullet for emphasisEmail your question during the instructor's posted office hours.
bullet for emphasisOnline tutors are available to help you.
bullet for emphasisComputer lab technicians are available during regular lab hours.
bullet for emphasisTechnical questions or concerns go to:,
bullet for emphasisor call the online staff at (760)252-2411 x7319

What Classes Are Available Online?

bullet for emphasis Click the link below to see what classes are available online in the coming semester:

Schedule of Online Courses

If this FAQ sheet has not answered your questions, please email the for additional assistance.