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Interactive Syllabus

Please complete by the end of the first week of class and submit to the instructor below:

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Catalog Description:   English composition with emphasis on paragraphing, the multi-paragraph essay, research skills.  Designed to prepare students for English 1A or graduation. Associate Degree Applicable.

Topical Outline  

Course Objectives:

1. Understand paragraph and essay structure.

2. Write a paragraph that contains a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

3. Compose short five-paragraph essays with an introductory paragraph containing a thesis; body paragraphs with topic sentences, supporting sentences with examples, explanations, details, and transitions; and a concluding paragraph with reworded thesis, summary, and clincher.

4. Write short essays in the following rhetorical modes: description, narration, exposition, and argumentation.

5. Write a researched essay using MLA style documentation: find resources; integrate in-text resource material; prepare works cited page.

6. Demonstrate use of standard English in writing assignments.

7. Cognitive Domain

  • Identify/Distinguish main ideas-supporting points.
  • Enlarge concept vocabulary using context clues, improving dictionary skills, employing synonyms and antonyms, and studying etymologies.
  • Draw valid inferences.
  • Make reasonable predictions of outcomes.
  • Apply (transfer) ideas to other texts/tasks.

8. Affective Domain

  • Develop self-image, competency, and preparedness to succeed in English 1A.
  • Enhance taste of and appreciation for successful writing.
  • Acquire a lifelong commitment to and valuing of writing.
  • Understand the importance of choice and why a writer makes them.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to read and analyze an article or essay and compose an essay in response.

  • Pre and post tests

 2. Students will be able to incorporate research into essays using MLA documentation style.

  • Writing essays that include research
  • Exercises using MLA documentation

From the course objectives and student learning outcomes listed above, list the one that interests you the most and tell me why it interests you.

My personal objectives in taking English 50 Online are as follows. Also, to understand me as a student my instructor might like to know the following facts about me:

Textbook:  The textbook for English 50 Online is College Writing Skills by John Langan. YOU NEED YOUR TEXTBOOK BY THE END OF WEEK TWO

The textbook is available at the Barstow college Viking Shop (760/252-7262).  It may be purchased in person or by mail.  You will need it by the end of week two.  It contains the reading materials and many of the exercises for English 50 Online. The material for lessons 1 and 2 is all presented online to allow you leeway in securing your textbook, but from lesson 3 on (beginning of week two) your textbook is necessary to completing the assignments. Please be aware that ordering a new or used textbook from a third party may require a shipping time of ten to fifteen days or more unless you pay for expedited shipping.

Retype the following sentence in the box below:

I have gotten my English 50 textbook, College Writing Skills,  by John Langan, or I will have it by         .

User Name and Password:

You must use a user name and password after the first week of class.

Without these words you will not be able to access the course materials. The format of your username and password are clearly posted on the main page of your course. If you still need assistance with your username and password please go to this page and read the instructions: http://www.bcconline.com/orient/password.htm, to receive further assistance.

In the box below please explain your understanding of user names and passwords, including how you expect to receive your user name and password for this class:

Submitting assignments:
All assignments  must be submitted in the interactive forms. No other form of submission will be counted. Due to virus concerns no attachments will be opened. Be sure to spell check and proof your paragraphs in a word processing program before pasting  them into the forms.  However you are responsible for saving a copy of each assignment. The college is not responsible for saving copies of your work.
Explain here how all assignments are submitted.
Short videos:
There will be several short videos presented in this class to augment the student's understanding of the lessons; however all of the required material for completion of assignments is also presented in text format.
Explain here the short video presentations.


Online Discussion Group:   

The online discussion group will form the Class Participation portion of your grade.  You may reach it by clicking the Discussion button at the bottom of the class pages.  A new question is posted for each lesson. Discussion group participation IS REQUIRED  in order to pass the class. 

Retype the following statement in the box below: I understand how to find the online discussion group and that I must respond to each question by the date due. I also understand how to reach the quizzes, and know they must be completed by the due date to receive credit.

Assignment Deadlines:  

All of the regular assignments have been posted.  All assignments must be completed by the due date shown. You are allowed two late assignments (up to one week). No other late assignments will be accepted.

In the box below type your understanding of when assignments are due and the class policy on late assignments.

Replying to Instructor's email:  

Part of your responsibility in this interactive class, is to check your email regularly and to respond to all instructor email. Be sure you are not blocking email from jstacy@bcconline.com or stacycollege@charter.net. You will receive an email response from the instructor to each assignment (within one week of receipt for assignments submitted on time). Please save copies of these emails. If a confirmation or correction is requested please do so by replying to the email.

In the box below explain what email should not be blocked and what to do with instructor emails.


With the exception of the final, lessons are not counted late until Sunday night midnight Pacific Time. Don't be concerned if your date stamped lesson shows East Coast time. Our server is in Atlanta and we don't count you late for that.

ALL FINALS ONLINE. SEND YOUR INSTRUCTOR THE NAME OF INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL VOUCH ONLINE FINAL IS YOUR OWN WORK. please include the individual's name, position (librarian, counselor, tutor, supervisor, parent, co-worker, spouse, etc.) email address or phone number. 


Part One ONLINE Final Essay and Instructions

Part Two ONLINE Final Objective Quiz

You must send your final exam BY the date on homepage of class by MIDNIGHT. Later submissions will NOT be counted.

What information do you need to send about the person who vouches that your final is entirely your own work?

Late Coupons: 

You have two "late coupons" assigned for this class.  You may use them to turn in one lesson up to one week late.  Use them for emergencies only.  If you are forced to use a late coupon, email the instructor (jstacy@bcconline.com) and tell him you are doing so.  These coupons are designed as a safety net to help you in true emergencies.  If you do not use them, two bonus points will be counted in your favor at the end of the semester.

In the box below explain how late coupons work.


Grades are based on a point scale:  90% of all possible points results in an A, 80% in a B, 70% in a C, 60% in a D.

16 Lessons 160 points
Final Exam 40 points
Discussion Group 50 points
Eight Quizzes 80 points
Total 330 points

Your grades are based on the quality of your work.   Neatness and attention to detail counts.  Carefully proofread and spell-checked assignments receive higher grades than hastily prepared and misspelled assignments. Usually an essay receiving a grade of "9" or above is considered an "A." Essays with higher grades such as "9.2" have earned fractional bonus points. However, all elements are used in computing the class grade. Did you return all corrections? Did you participate promptly in all discussion groups? Did you earn passing scores on all quizzes?

At the conclusion of the class students may find out their grades by logging into their account. A step by step tutorial is available at www.barstow.edu/register. Instructors will respond to student requests for a breakdown of their final grade after the official student grade for the course has been posted in the student registration system. Requests for a final grade during the two business days instructors have to submit final grades for classes will be delayed until after the official grade is posted on the student registration system.

In the box below explain the grading system:

All students must do their work in a word processor and save a copy of their work on their local computer. The college is not required to retrieve work that has been lost in the Internet and has not been saved by the student. 

In the box below type: I understand that all students must do their work in a word processor and save a copy of their work on their local computer. The college is not required to retrieve work that has been lost in the Internet and has not been saved by the student.  

Personal Computer Disclaimer and Recommended Software:

The college cannot be held responsible for personal student computers. The college strongly recommends all students have appropriate protection on their computers, including a firewall, ad and spyware blocking software, and an anti-virus program. Students can research free versions of software at http://www.cnet.com and after doing diligent research and determining which software will work the best with their unique system, can download the software at CNet's sister site, http://www.download.com. The college is not responsible for any software downloaded from any site as the college makes no specific recommendation for the student's choice of computer protection.

In the box below, type: I understand the personal computer disclaimer and recommended software policy and agree I cannot hold the college responsible for my personal computer equipment and/or software.

Academic Honesty Policy:

All assignments must be the student's own, original work.

1. Plagiarism or other unethical behavior will result in a zero on the assignment.  

2. Plagiarism or cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and suspected cases will be reported and could result in suspension or expulsion. 

  • Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional use of the ideas or words of another person, published writing, or of any other information taken from the internet, book, magazine, or another person without properly citing the original source. 

  • Plagiarism is not properly or fully citing words or ideas taken directly or paraphrased from an outside source, turning in work that has been written by another person or even being given excessive assistance on assignments. 

  • Also, ideas that are "borrowed" from people, internet, or textbooks must be cited. 

3. Academic Honesty is expected from all students at Barstow College. Dishonesty in the classroom or the laboratory, cheating, plagiarism or knowingly furnishing false information to the College are all grounds for discipline.

In the box below, please type: I understand the policy on plagiarism and agree to abide by it.

Disability Statement: 

In keeping with the college’s commitment to diversity, Barstow College fully supports the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you have a disability that may impact your success in this course, you may contact the appropriate office to arrange any reasonable accommodations and supports to which you are entitled by using the information listed below. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate these procedures.

The appropriate department can be contacted by calling 760-252-2411 x7225 or emailing dshelp@bcconline.com. (DS stands for disabled student).

In the box below type: I understand that if I have or suspect I have a disability I can contact the disability department at the number or email address listed above and request reasonable accommodations. Further I realize it is my responsibility to contact the disability department.

Syllabus Disclaimer:

A syllabus is not a contract between instructor and student but rather a guide to course procedures on attendance, requirements, grading, and objectives. The instructor reserves the right to amend the syllabus when emergency circumstances dictate. Students will be duly notified.

In the box below, please type: I understand that the syllabus is not a contract between instructor and student but rather a guide to course procedures on attendance, requirements, grading, and objectives. The instructor reserves the right to amend the syllabus when emergency circumstances dictate. Students will be duly notified.